Deep Learning APIs

Metacog Licensing

Self Service with our detailed API Documentation and online support

Optional Quick Start Implementation

We make it quick and easy to get you up and running:

Priced from $10K-$40K flat fee
  • Hands-on training for your developers and content experts…
    …so you can become self-sufficient and also build your own cost models for refreshing or building your products with metacog.
  • Instrument up to 3 of your Learning Objects…
    …so you can quickly see how learners actually use your Learning Objects - and unlock their hidden metacognition. You can see if and how your product affects learning.
  • Create up to 3 Performance Tasks using your Learning Objects…
    …so you can move beyond the bubble test and offer Invisible Integrated Assessment. Your users will grind less and level up more; your products will stand out from competitors that stick with direct instruction and isolated assessment.
  • Create up to 3 scoring rubrics aligned to standards of your choice…
    …so you can map learner performance to outcomes that matter to the folks that pay the bills and approve your purchases.
  • Build up to 3 training sets for metacog automated machine scoring…
    …so you can experience how much you’ll save when you train a machine to score millions of learners (instead of having to staff an army to score them by hand).
  • Connect results into your existing dashboard infrastructure…
    …so your customers can see evidence of deep learning in the same place as your current not-so-deep evidence.
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