What is metacog? | AI for Human Performance

Deep Learning APIs

Use metacog’s learning analytics platform to datafy your digital products and make them smart and AI scorable

data sources html5, js, mobile apps, games, iot sensors into storage and processing with api

Full Spectrum Learning Analytics APIs

Power next-generation smart products with our cloud-based AI Platform

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Smart Businesses gain valuable insights to digitally disrupt their industries and drive decisions


start streaming data via metacog’s Instrumentation SDK and easy API


store and manage your anonymized data in the metacog cloud platform


make Intelligent products with real-time analytics and automated scoring

Instrument your Interactive Learning Objects (ILO’s)

Understand how learners tackle a challenge (not merely their final answers)

Quizzes, simulations, games, performance tasks, project-based learning—it doesn’t matter what the learning object is. However you elicit a student response (signal), we can boost that signal and give you insight into what it means—at Internet scale and speed.
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Visualize Learner Process Data at Scale

Inform learning guardians how they are doing and what they should do next

Most current analytics capabilities only uncover high level (page) data like time on task and number of page views. Metacog enables unpacking what was actually done during those interactions at a semantic model level. Go deeper with visual analytics to uncover patterns and develop valuable and actionable abstractions.

Storage under the hood - the metacog functional architecture

The data platform built to power your next-generation intelligent products

Utilize some or all of the metacog API components to optimize your priorities within your current product roadmap

Metacog’s platform enables data-driven learning

You can bake metacog into your products via easy API to improve learning and express your own product vision in new and more powerful ways